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Please complete the relevant sections in the nomination form. All applicants should complete Section A and B in full, and the relevant award-specific question(s) in Section C. Please include numbers and evidence where relevant. Judges will use all the information provided in both Section B and C when making their decisions.

The judging panel reserves the right to move applicants to categories where they will be most suitable. If you wish to submit supplementary information, please email attachments to with “Launch:GW – “Company Name”” in the subject line.

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If you wish to nominate an individual for the Innovation Champion Award, please use this page instead.


Company Nomination Form

Nominate your company for a Launch: GW award using the form below! In submitting this nomination form, you agree to our T&Cs.  Please note if selected as a finalist, a representative of the company should be in attendance at Launch: GW on June 6th 2019.

Date of Incorporation
Date of Incorporation
Registered Company Address *
Registered Company Address
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Primary Contact Name
Please provide the judges with the following information about your company: • Company size and structure • Experience and background of key team members • Significant milestones achieved to date (This could include registration of IP, funding rounds completed, proof of concepts developed or other significant milestones)
Please describe in non-technical terms the scientific innovation that your company has developed. Judges will be looking for: • The novelty of the underlying science • The ingenuity of your application to the market problem • Indicators of scientific success to date • Clarity of scientific description
Please use this section to describe your future plans for the company, including key future milestones. Judges will be looking for: • The ambition and potential of the company, as described in its mission and vision statements • The feasibility of the company’s plans for future growth, based on its current trajectory • The company’s proposed plans to enact its mission and vision
Please complete the section(s) below to nominate your company for your chosen Launch:GW Award. You may nominate your company for more than one award category by completing multiple sections. You must select at least one award category. For each award category, please provide a clear description of why your company should win this award, paying attention to the award description and judging guidelines below (500 words).
This award highlights research at the early stages of the commercialisation process, either pre-incorporation or incorporated within the last 12 months. Judges will be looking for: • Why you are a company worth keeping an eye on • Indicators of achieving upcoming milestones
This award celebrates early stage scientific companies with both significant potential and demonstrable progress achieved to date. Companies may be currently working to develop proof of principle or have early stage commercial products with seed funding secured. Judges will be looking for: • Evidence of gaining market traction, or successful product trials or development • Indications of support from the broader community, such as commercial backing or forging of successful partnerships • Other indicators of progress towards significant future milestones
This award recognises ambitious growth by a scientific company, such as through substantial expansion of capability or access to new national or international markets. Judges will be looking for: • Demonstrable evidence of growth or expansion achieved in the past ~12 months. • This can include demonstrations of new markets entered, addition of new capabilities, opening of new business streams or offices, dramatic increases in company size, or other relevant growth indicators.
This award recognises companies that are fusing engineering with biology to accelerate innovation and enable new impacts in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology. Judges will be looking for descriptions of: • How biodesign has supported the innovation and growth of the company • How biodesign is being used as a solution to address the particular problem being tackled • The ingenuity of this solution and how it pushes the boundaries of current technologies or techniques
This award recognises innovations that are bringing about positive change and striving to tackle global challenges. Judges will be looking for: • A description of the global problem you are striving to tackle • The outcome of the problem, if left uncorrected • The demonstrated or potential impact that your innovation can/will have in combating the problem
Celebrating successful funding rounds, mergers, and exits that have occured over the past 12 months (May 2018 - May 2019). Entries are welcome from those involved in making the deal happen, including funders. Judges will be looking for details of: • The background of the target businesses • Details of the acquiring business/new stakeholders • Those involved in putting the deal together • The relevance of the deal in the context of the sector
7. People's Choice Award
The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be voted for by Awards Ceremony attendees on the night, and announced alongside the other Launch:GW Award categories. If you would like to be considered for this award please check the box below. A request for further information, to be provided to Awards ceremony attendees, will be made at a later date. I would like my company to be considered for the People’s Choice Award:

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